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- Such a field may be the corporate business arena, analyzing sales trends. The amount a data analyst makes depends on wealth and prestige of the employer. Maps and Demographics Help the City of Redlands, California, Market Itself to Potential Businesses. Esri showed the city's economic development staff the on-demand reporting and mapping capabilities of Business Analyst Online, Esri's Web-based solution that combines GIS technology with extensive demographic, consumer spending, and business data. "We looked to commercial Realtors and city partners to provide us with data, but we never knew if the data was current.". Data analysts are essentially mathematical prognosticators, telling their employers how to best alter their business models to generate profitable future trends. Grand Opening, based on information generated by Business Analyst Online, representatives from the Dussin Group decided to open the Old Spaghetti Factory where the barbecue restaurant once operated. By Matthew DeMeritt, Esri Writer, when a barbecue restaurant closed just off Interstate 10 in Redlands, California, in 2008, workers were laid off and prime real estate stood empty and abandoned.

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- I think theres a reason for this poor communication. The difference between using valid, validity, sufficient, significant, caused, reject and others all have slightly different meanings for a data analyst. In the political arena, the analysts must examine the polling data to determine where candidates should expand their campaigns. certifications, some online colleges offer training programs in data analysis, but these programs are not required to work as a data analyst. Most importantly, the data analyst evaluates risk; culling statistical information to determine whether a company is accidentally harming itself. Visit m/bao for more information. Computer software, excel spreadsheets, and C programs are the tools of a data analyst, and so a competent knowledge of computers is an absolute necessity.